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The Victoria Hotel & Residence Story

The lobby of the Victoria Hotel and Residence

Our story

A rich history rooted in swissness

Stay at the Victoria and experience the best of both worlds, soak in the buzzing and stimulating energy in the daytime, and retreat to your sleek minimalistic room at night.

Dating from 1894, the Victoria Hotel has a rich history rooted in the Swiss Alps. For over a century, it has been a haven for travelers seeking peace and tranquility amidst the stunning mountain landscape. Fully renovated and redesigned with sustainability in mind in 2021, it is now a modern Swiss hub with a commitment to preserving the natural beauty of its surroundings for future generations to enjoy.

Our Values & Mission

a new kind of hospitality

Modern rooms, delicious food, and an idyllic setting are not enough. We aspire to challenge traditional hospitality by taking our guests on a meaningful journey where they can experience the hospitality of tomorrow and be actors of change.


The Victoria stands within the Villars Alpine Resort. With a historic structure filled with stories from the past and a magical charm, the hotel dates back to 1894.

Education at the Villars Palace hotel

The Victoria strives to preserve its hospitality heritage with the Villars Palace Academy, a leadership and hospitality school located within the Resort.

Sustainability at the Villars Palace hotel

Eco-conscious to its core, the Victoria strives to embrace and preserve its surroundings. We are fully committed to holistic sustainable approaches.

“Learn, create, share, research, and become an actor of change at the Victoria to help us further develop the hospitality of tomorrow where “Swissness”, innovation, and creativity are calling.”